Locally Grown
Wheatgrass, Sprouts and Micro Greens

Locally Grown Wheatgrass and Micro Greens

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The farm in the city

We're About Education and Nutrition

Charlie's Sprouts LLC, a St. Louis based urban farm, currently building the most environmentally controlled grow room we've designed to date.

Farming in the city..really!

Transforming a city building space into a dynamic productive farming and educational environment has it's challenges and rewards. As we grow, share the experience by calling and visiting often.

Local, Fresh, Organic

Currently, growing to-order only,  please call ahead to check available products. We strive to provide the freshest locally grown wheatgrass and micro greens  in a year round, growing environment, while expanding the educational value of superfoods and better nutrition.


Our Main Crop

Wheatgrass has been our main crop for over two years. We have tried all the same processes most growers go thru, buying seeds from all over the country and fine-tuning our growroom. Today we buy our 100% certified organic wheatgrass seeds from a single source farm where we know the quality is as best as we have found. 

Our fresh wheatgrass is juiced at both the Clayton, and Manchester Rd, I Love Juice Bar locations, and The Vine Cafe on South Grand. 

All our products are available at The Midtown Farmers Market on Delmar Road each Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm.

Micro Greens

Nutritional Benefits

They may be tiny, but study after study shows trendy micro greens contain well over their weight when it comes to nutrition.

Researchers found micro greens contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts.  

While each micro green has it's own unique health benefits, in general a diet including a selection of micro greens will add a powerful boost of vitamins like A, B Complex, C, D, K and E. Aid in boosting the immune system, add oxygen to the blood steam and detoxify your bodys blood, respiratory and digestive systems. A resulting boost in energy comes from the increased efficiency of these systems. 

As we develop our website further we will add links and information in greater detail about each micro greens health benefits as well as popular and unique ways people use micro greens in recipes.

Charlie's Sprouts Products









Micro Greens

We have the pleasure of meeting, and working with some talented St. Louis chefs, who are always finding new ways to use micro greens in their restaurants. We plan to develop a section here on our website to share some of those tasty creations.

Wheatgrass Juice

It's SOOO good for you...yet takes some getting use to.  We plan to share all the ways wheatgrass juice is served from coast to coast, including the elusive Wheatgrass Slingshot (elusive in the Midwest, but popular on each coast).

Wheatgrass and Micro Green Powdered Blends

Charlies Sprouts Powdered Blends are the perfect answer to those with a more active lifestyle. Check back soon for more information.


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For an update to our current crop or to place and order-to-grow for the next please email me at charlie@charliessprouts.com

or call me at 319-361-5193. 

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